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Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm (December Challenge #4)

What Kind of Reader Are You?

Your Result: Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm

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Wow. I’m definitely not in a PhD program or trying to make a living out of reading–but I would if that were possible. I guess that just makes me a certified nerd. Thanks Jamie for the idea!

 What kind of reader are you?



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Josiah Update: Big Changes!

I know. I’m a slacker. I think about the blog a lot, but actually sitting down and posting something takes some discipline.

So, onto the reason you are here: Josiah. He is now 7 1/2 months old! Crazy, isnt it? He is changing so fast, its hard to keep up. Here is what he is up to now:

  • He started pulling up on things about a week ago, he can pull up on me or his toys pretty easily, but the other morning he figured out how to do it in his crib! This is bad news for us as we are in a one bedroom apartment right now. If I want to catch a few winks while he is napping I have to get all the way under the covers so that he can’t see me. (I have only tried this once, and it was unsuccessful)
  • Just the other day he mastered going from laying down to sitting up on his own. In fact, while I was typing this, I went into the bedroom and he was sitting up because he couldnt sleep with a stuffy nose.
  • As of this morning he is officially crawling!! It has taken a while to figure out how to coordinate his arms and legs, but it looks like he is finally mastering it! (I’ll post a video of this asap)
  • He likes to sit on his knees to play on his little activity table. I dont know how he figured out how to do this, but he is much more stable as he plays. I’m very impressed.
  • He has a huge appetite! We feed him as much as he will eat, and no matter how much he gets down, he is still sad when its over. In the morning after nursing, he will eat a large banana mashed up with some oatmeal! Thats more than I eat for breakfast!
  • He is getting the hang of eating with his hands. He has only really worked with the Gerber puffs, but since he doesnt know how to pinch his food yet, he’ll grab it with one fist and then open his hand with the other hand and put it in his mouth. It’s pretty fun watching him figure out how to get the soggy little puff in his mouth.
  • Actual toys are of little value to him compared to a ziploc bag, an empty puff container, a wipes refill, or an old remote control.
  • He loves buttons and anything that has buttons. Remote controls are his favorite. He was given a couple old ones to hold, but he still wants the one that we use. He doesnt really care about actually pushing all the buttons, but he likes looking at it and holding it close to him. In fact, getting to the remote has been a big motivator for him to crawl.
  • Still no teeth yet. We are still waiting on that one.
  • He is still a little guy. I think he might have put on a few ounces in the past couple weeks, but he can still wear some of his 3-6 months clothes. Its pretty nice because he is still really easy to carry.

Here are some pics of the good king:

[rockyou id=91074289&w=400&h=300]

 Dirk and I have been doing well too, thanks for asking. 🙂  Dirk is enjoying a few weeks off of Greek classes since his professor is out of town the next couple of weeks. He is trying to stay caught up with his Systematic class that he is taking online. Right now, he is watching Dr. Ware’s lectures. He has also recently gotten into geocaching and we can’t go anywhere in the car now without him pointing out a geocache site and asking to go check it out. Its been fun finding what people have hidden away, like a treasure hunt! We can’t wait for Josiah to be old enough to search with daddy for the little treasures tucked away in parks and benches and trees all over the place! Its pretty addictive.

I have been doing great, as well. Lately, I have been really enjoying making a lot of our food from scratch. I recently got a hold of More-With-Less(book club girls, you knew I would plug this here!), a cookbook that has completely changed my thinking about the food we eat. It has been so fun and enlightening to make my own cereal, sandwich bread, and refried black beans(yummy!). It has helped me take more control of our nutrition and be mindful about what we eat–not to mention being more frugal! I’m also reading The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck this month. I highly recommend it!

Thats about all I can think of….now you can all tell me how long its been and how cute Josiah is. 🙂


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World Book Encyclopedia A

Recently, Dirk posted about A.J. Jacobs, a man who tried to follow all the biblical laws for a year. I recommend you read about him, his thought are interesting. Anyway, before delving into the Law, Jacobs also read all the Encyclopedia Brittanica and wrote about his experience. This spurred on a debate between Dirk and I about actually reading through the encyclopedias. I think I said, “it would be really interesting do that.” And Dirk said, “you wouldn’t do that” and from there it got interesting. I assured him I would be able to read them all if I wanted to and trash-talk ensued. I’m not one to back down from a challenge. Especially if its a really random one.

So now I’m on page 67 of ‘A’ my parent’s World Book Encyclopedias. Dirk has looked over at me many times in the evening and laughed as I was deeply immersed in the proper use of an abacus(which is really cool by the way) or the many functions of an adverb. Right now I’m in a tedious 11-page article about advertising. UGH.

I think what really gets at Dirk (he tried to discourage me frequently) is that he is truly the reigning champion of random information. He is extremely inquisitive and loves to know a little bit about everything. Now he is going to be married to a woman who knows just as much random information as he does. Its killing him.

It should be noted that these encyclopedias were published in 1973, the year after my parents got married. Some of the information is dated, but some things never change. Things like using an abacus, or John Adams’ presidency never change. I know that many of the articles of the ‘A’ book were probably never read–unless of course, my dad has already read them all, which is highly likely–so after 34 years, my parents will get their money’s worth out of the investment of these books.

Poor Josiah.


Alright I feel the need to correct a few of Kathy’s errant statements above.  First of all, I will still be the king of random information and I will continue to collect it the old fashion way:  asking questions and watching other people do stuff.  For example I recently learned that if you put old detergent or the wrong detergent into a dishwasher it will bubble up like crazy, spill out on to the floor, mess up the sensors, and the water won’t all get drained out.  That water can and will sit in graduated cylinders all summer and smell bad.  To fix the problem you just run a couple more cycles and it should fix itself.  Or that transpiration is part of the water cycle.  Okay I knew that already but I was reminded of it as we were teaching cycles at school.  Anyway, enough of that.  I give Kathy a hard time and “encourage” her (I like that better than discouragement) because I want her to know at least as much as me.  That way this random information trend will be a Littlefield family trait and I won’t be the only weird one.

Poor Josiah



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