I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas DBC ’09 #2

Ok I don’t want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  But while searching for titles of Christmas songs I found this and had to use it.  Who writes a song about a Hippo for Christmas??  And what in the world to you write about with that title?  I think there are two options.  #1 I could post about a Hippo (not gonna happen today) or #2 post a couple of things I hope to be able to do over Christmas break and a few of the things I hope to get for Christmas.

Having a house to take care of is great most of the time.  But there are always some improvements we want to make.  This winter break from school I would like to put in a drain out back so that it doesn’t turn into a great lake when it rains.  The doors need to be finished being hung along with a little painting. That is pretty good chunk to start with and get done especially since we will be traveling some.

Let me say it again, I do not want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  In fact there aren’t many things that I want, or that are at least reasonable things to want for Christmas.  So instead of boring you with those material things I’ll tell you what I am looking forward to this Christmas.  I am, for the first time in a LONG time, excited about Christmas.  I normally don’t announce this but it isn’t my favorite time of the year.  However, this year I am looking forward to waking up on Christmas morning with the kids, having breakfast and watching/helping them open gifts (and then playing with them).  I’m so excited about this that Josiah and I already have Kathy’s present under the tree, he helped me buy and wrap it.  That’s pretty much the only gift I’m responsible for this year.  My wonderful wife is taking care of the rest of it.  Thanks babe.

Just to see how many people are actually reading this I am going to ask that you comment and tell us what you are looking forward to this year at Christmas.–dirk

** Note Josiah doing the Hippo impression in the picture at the top of the blog.



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This is one of the challenges that I do enjoy because it forces me to actually write posts for the blog.  We talk about doing more here and we may possibly add our own blogs and turn this into one for family stuff, maybe.  I digress.

Today I finished my 9th semester of seminary, yes that would be in year #5.  Most of us here at SWBTS – Havard are on the “extended” plan.  I don’t know of many people who get out in less than 5 and most are 6, 7, 8, or 9 years.  To make myself feel better about the semester I am going share a few of the things I learned from 2 class, 2 papers, and 3 exams.

-Writing a paper on the logos in John chapter 1 and its necessity is more difficult that you would think.   I was shocked to not be able to find the amount of sources I wanted.

-There is a whole movement of multicultural churches going on in several denominations and my professor work hard in that movement.

-I learned the value of actually sitting down and making myself learn what every chapter in Acts is about.  You should all try it, I find it most helpful and plan on doing that for all the books of the Bible.  Don’t judge me that I haven’t done that yet.

-Memorizing the beatitudes is one of the most humbling things you can do and will make you really ponder the seriousness of your Christian walk.

Former college and NFL football players can be professors despite the number of hits they took.  David Klingler (former UH and NFL quarterback) taught this class and was finishing his PhD dissertation at the same time.  That dude can read the Hebrew text almost as fast as I can read it in English!

-My Hebrew needs a little practice.  I need to use it more than once a week.

-Genesis is rich with theology and I don’t know how I read scripture correctly without a firm grip on that book.  If you haven’t studied I suggest that you do.  I can point you to some resources if you need them.

-Knowing what happened in each chapter helps bring the book together as a cohesive unit and took away the idea that the stories weren’t connected.

-Writing a 10-12 paper explaining the thesis: “the story of Genesis is about the beginning of the creation of an obedient nation Israel out of whom will come the promised one” is doable but very hard.  That could have easily been a 50 page paper.

Now that it is over, I would say it was a good one.  But I am really glad it is over.–Dirk

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DBC 2009

DBC starts tomorrow. So we will be posting for the rest of the year daily, so check in regularly. I am going to say that is why we haven’t posted much this year. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.–Dirk


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4 months later…

…we’re back. Here are some newer pictures of our two little monkeys. They are so much fun!


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Summer Saturday

One Saturday recently, we decided to pack a lunch and head out to Deussen Park nearby. Its a great park with lots of fun areas and tons of playgrounds scattered everywhere. They also have a little herd of Bison fenced in, so that is always fun. We rounded out the day by taking Josiah to go get a sno cone after his nap–perfect summer day! Here are a few pictures of our little family having fun together:

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The world through Josiah’s eyes…

Against my better judgement, I let Josiah have control of the camera for about 10 or 15 minutes one morning.  I figured whatever he took pictures of could be easily deleted, but as Dirk and I flipped through them we thought they were pretty hilarious. Here are a few highlights(note: I thought about explaining a few of them, but I think they are better without a caption):


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Ten (pictures) on Tuesday

Here are some highlights of the past week or so around here. There are a few pictures from Cousin Camp 09 mixed in. Cousin Camp is on its 4th(or is it 5th?) year. My aunt who lives in Bryan hosts a weekend for all the cousin kids to come visit, play, eat, craft, and swim together. It has become an established tradition, and everyone looks forward to the fun of it all. Today is my dad‘s birthday(happy birthday, dad!), and some of us went to Culvers to celebrate. The last picture is also from today. I couldnt resist posting up the fabulousness of it so make sure you click on it to get a better look. Yippeee!

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