I have not been a faithful blogger, and I’m not going to promise that I will be better or anything of the like.  I let the pressure of writing well or only posting with pictures, get to me and I have given up before I started. Alas, there is only so much you can convey in a facebook status, and even though I can list 6 things that I should be doing right now instead of sitting on the couch with my netbook, I’m going to try to share a little bit about our little family. Namely, the kids:

  • Josiah and Naomi have become great playmates. I know that this will not last forever so I treasure it when they wrestle, laugh hysterically at each other for no apparent reason, or play with Josiah’s cars. Its magical.
  • Naomi is a little puzzle. We are just now starting to figure her out. Either that, or she is starting to really display her personality. Probably both.
  • She is fiercely independent. She doesn’t want to feel constrained, controlled, or held back. I’m sure having an older brother who can do so much more has helped her want to be ‘big’.
  • I love it when she cuts her eyes.
  • When she does something that she knows she;s not supposed to(like spit out her food, drop food on the floor, or rub her hands in her hair while eating), she’ll look at the floor and then slowly lift her eyes to meet mine. I’m not sure if she knows what she is doing, but it works. I can’t be serious.
  • She is incredibly playful. She loves to roll around and wrestle and play peekaboo. Anything physical.
  • Josiah is finally starting to sing! Forever, he would listen and absorb music, but now he is finally starting to sing what he has learned. The boy is a sponge.
  • He likes to play his guitar and if he hears a song or anything that inspires him, he’ll run to his stand and get his pick and play his heart out. He sings loudly and plays with passion. I hope he keeps it up, because its is so sweet.
  • He loves cars and trucks and can tell you what most vehicles are and what they do. Right now he really likes corvettes  and can spot them a long way off. We have a lot of corvettes in the area.
  • He is a great protective older brother. He is always aware of where Naomi is and I can count on him to make sure she is far, far away from the kitchen when I am taking something out of the oven.

In related news, we are expecting the littlest Littlefield in October! I had an ultrasound early for a check up and found out that we are having a boy! Yay! We didnt really have a preference, but its fun to know.


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