Musevisa DBC 2009 #6

I thought this Norwegian carol had a funny name.  Kathy said I would tell you that it was  found on Wikipedia.   I picked it because I pronounce it “moose-visa” which is probably wrong.  But I needed a way to blog about Josiah and his fear of Moose, meese, mooses, or whatever the plural is.  We have several books that have a moose in it that have “scary” parts in them.  Josiah now talks about a moose being outside his window when he is scared and doesn’t want to go to bed.  Also when he sees shadows outside he says they are moose.  It is pretty funny to see what he is scared of and at the same time I feel bad for him.  Needless to say all moose books have been put away for now.  –Dirk


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