Over the River and Through the Woods DBC ’09 #5

This coming weekend we are heading out to my dad’s house for Christmas.  Not only are we going to eat well, hang out with family, and exchange gifts with the kids; we are also going to have the 2nd annual family pinewood derby race.  Yes you heard me, we race pinewood derby cars, and it is awesome.  It started a couple of summers ago when we watched my nephew race his car.  Of course we all thought we could do better than a bunch of kids so my dad invested in a track with the stipulation that we would race yearly.  Last year I got beat by my brother-in-law (which is not uncommon in anything we do, the dude is freakish good at everything!).  What makes it worse is that he had the exact same car as me, but with a way better pant job.  He also didn’t follow seem to know the rules about the wheels.  Regardless he had a great car that deserved a win.  This year I fully expect to win with the cool black and chrome car Josiah and I are building.  Pictures will be coming.  I have also secured a way to track times via the computer system on the track.  Oh I can’t wait.  I love nerdy stuff like this.  –Dirk


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  1. Jamie

    I love how you are signing your posts just in case we thought Kathy was the one posting about football and pinewood derby. 🙂 Keep rockin the DBC Dirk.

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