Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer DBC ’09 #4

I realize that I am at least a few days behind and so there will be several posts tonight to make up for it.  On Saturday my dad and step-mother came down and had lunch with us and I drove them over to Sam Houston State to watch a playoff football game.  It was the 2A Division II Semifinal game featuring Daingerfield vs Refugio.  Growing up I went to a 2A high school and participated in a semifinal game my freshman year (I stood on the sideline because I was a freshman), so I was really excited about the game.  Here is my my short version notes about the game, if you want to learn why I picked that song title or you think football is boring skip to the bottom.

Daingerfield has one loss to the 3A state champions and it was a narrow defeat, so needless to say they are good.  From my understanding it has not taken them more than 5-6 plays to score on any of their opening drives so when they were losing 3-0 at the end of the first quarter I was shocked.  Refugio strength in the game was there size and a running back who just wouldn’t stop moving his feet until the whistle blew (a rare thing these days).  Although Daingerfield was out matched on size they made up for it in speed.  They were hands down the fastest overall team I have seen play as a high school team including the 5A schools I worked with.   By half time Daingerfield had come back and scored several times and the half ended 28-3.

The 2nd half was about like the first.  When Refugio got the ball they drove down the field very slowly.  They were my kind of offensive team, just lining up and running the ball.  But they fumbled a few times and used way too much clock.  The game ended with the Daingerfield Tigers winning 35-10.  I know how those Refugio players felt because when I was in high school we lost the semifinal game 35-17 to a school that wasn’t too different than Daingerfield, just slower.  The worst part of the game was that a Refugio player got hurt with 30 seconds left in the game.

So why the title you might ask?  Well there were several instances of things getting run over on Saturday (although not by a reindeer).  First, at the game there were several kids that just got run over.  There is no other way to describe it, the replay screen was nice because we got to see it twice!  Those kids were hitting hard.

Second, on the way home a fender had come off of a trailer on IH-45 just south of The Woodlands and I saw it about the time the SUV in front of me one lane to left ran over it.  At that point I couldn’t judge where to move because I knew it could shoot out into my lane or stay in the left lane (its amazing how clear and lengthy your thought are in the few seconds before an accident).  Well it came into my lane and I couldn’t swerve to miss it in traffic so we took a direct hit in my dad’s Toyota Avalon.  As it came out from under the SUV I thought it might come up on the hood and hopefully over the top of the car and not through the windshield.  However, the fender went under the passenger side tires and swung around hitting the passenger side door.  We were all ok and the tires surprisingly didn’t blow out as I had braced myself for.  Dad’s car however has a nice 8-10 inch long gash on the passanger side.  4-5 inches of it went all the way through the paint and dented the door.  I felt bad, no I felt really bad.  But as he always says “we are ok that is what is important” and “that is what insurance is for”  Spoken like a good dad and insurance agent!  I guess in you live in Houston long enough you will be forced to hit some sort of debris on the road.  Thanks for coming down and taking me to the game dad!  It was a blast!—Dirk


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