I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas DBC ’09 #2

Ok I don’t want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  But while searching for titles of Christmas songs I found this and had to use it.  Who writes a song about a Hippo for Christmas??  And what in the world to you write about with that title?  I think there are two options.  #1 I could post about a Hippo (not gonna happen today) or #2 post a couple of things I hope to be able to do over Christmas break and a few of the things I hope to get for Christmas.

Having a house to take care of is great most of the time.  But there are always some improvements we want to make.  This winter break from school I would like to put in a drain out back so that it doesn’t turn into a great lake when it rains.  The doors need to be finished being hung along with a little painting. That is pretty good chunk to start with and get done especially since we will be traveling some.

Let me say it again, I do not want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  In fact there aren’t many things that I want, or that are at least reasonable things to want for Christmas.  So instead of boring you with those material things I’ll tell you what I am looking forward to this Christmas.  I am, for the first time in a LONG time, excited about Christmas.  I normally don’t announce this but it isn’t my favorite time of the year.  However, this year I am looking forward to waking up on Christmas morning with the kids, having breakfast and watching/helping them open gifts (and then playing with them).  I’m so excited about this that Josiah and I already have Kathy’s present under the tree, he helped me buy and wrap it.  That’s pretty much the only gift I’m responsible for this year.  My wonderful wife is taking care of the rest of it.  Thanks babe.

Just to see how many people are actually reading this I am going to ask that you comment and tell us what you are looking forward to this year at Christmas.–dirk

** Note Josiah doing the Hippo impression in the picture at the top of the blog.



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4 responses to “I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas DBC ’09 #2

  1. being able to buy and receive gifts for our 2nd little girl without any bittersweet attachments to those items. 🙂 knowing (as best we can) that we get to see our sweet #3 in these items…

    getting see christmas thru the eyes of our boy as he learns what advent means, in the waiting for the Lord and the opening of our hearts to the christ child.

    hearing him say everytime we are out at night: “oooh…look at those lights. they are very beautiful.”

  2. Grommy

    i am looking forward to the coziness of visiting with each of our 3 families and watching grandchildren discover and enjoy the holiday!

  3. I have heard this bizarre song on the radio. It was recorded in the 50’s (?) and is sung by a petulant little Shirly Temple-ish sounding girl.

    I liked watching David Klingler play when I was in college. He was much more entertaining than the A&M offense at the time. I had no idea he was a seminary professor now. Nifty.

  4. Big J

    I am just wondering what Little J is gonna get me for Christmas, thats all…

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