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Summer Saturday

One Saturday recently, we decided to pack a lunch and head out to Deussen Park nearby. Its a great park with lots of fun areas and tons of playgrounds scattered everywhere. They also have a little herd of Bison fenced in, so that is always fun. We rounded out the day by taking Josiah to go get a sno cone after his nap–perfect summer day! Here are a few pictures of our little family having fun together:

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The world through Josiah’s eyes…

Against my better judgement, I let Josiah have control of the camera for about 10 or 15 minutes one morning.  I figured whatever he took pictures of could be easily deleted, but as Dirk and I flipped through them we thought they were pretty hilarious. Here are a few highlights(note: I thought about explaining a few of them, but I think they are better without a caption):


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