Josiah’s Breakfast Birthday Bash

Today is Josiah’s 2nd birthday:

Happy Birthday, Josiah!!

A small family party was organized for Josiah’s second birthday this past weekend. A full-sized party with invitations and friends and games was a little beyond my ability at this point. The cousins had a blast and fully enjoyed their food and Josiah’s new ‘toys’. You’ll see from the pictures that the best gift ever was the box that the truck from Aunt Donna came in (Thanks Aunt Donna!). Its too true that the best toys are the boxes and wrapping paper, and these pictures are proof.  If you are OCD or cant stand things on the floor, it might have driven you a little crazy to see what kind of mess they made, but it was worth it watching them have so much fun. The best part–in my opinion–was Josiah wanting to open his presents while sitting in the box. He had a blast.  If you are wondering why Naomi is not in any of these pictures, she was being held by her Poppy.


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2 responses to “Josiah’s Breakfast Birthday Bash

  1. Grommy

    No one could have planned a better form of entertainment than Josiah and his cousins all taking turns being In The Box! I highly recommend it! A dish pack box FULL of peanuts and go for it!!!! And many helpers trying to capture the flying peanuts afterwards……… was priceless!

  2. nema24

    This was cute, so simple and it looks like he had tons of fun 🙂 For kids the best gifts are the ones not given to them, but those created by them lol

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