Rant Continued and Hope

Q: Who in their right mind would release people to be free on US soil that were detained for being part of a terrorist organization?

A: Obama.

I won’t say more as my head might actually explode. My hope is not in the US government but I have been trying to be an informed citizen.  Being informed leads to this story and this one both of which are very troublesome.

(HT: drudgereport)

However there is hope in the world.  Christ’s work moves forward.  I recently got wind of a church that is active in planting churches (two this year!) in its area instead of trying to build its own empire.  Stories like this remind me of the reality that Christ sits on His thrown as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I have also been reading Isaiah this week for class, it is timely.  Christ is where we should find our rest not in an US President or Congress.  His work continues and that is where our focus should be.  I’m going to take a break from being too informed as a citizen for a week or so; I don’t think Washington will mind.



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4 responses to “Rant Continued and Hope

  1. Jamie

    I want pictures of Naomi.

  2. Robin

    How thankful I am for that hope!

    I doubt Washington will mind if you take a break, and they probably prefer it. And if you come up with a few business plans, let me know. I’ll get right on it.

  3. Central

    Yeah, I only allow myself two trips to the Drudge Report a week because prescription anti-depressants and out of my price range. Our current national political scene gives new meaning to “Sad But True”!

  4. John and Amy

    Sorry the above post was actually mine, I was still signed in at my churches blog and forgot to switch it up.


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