Another Reason Why I Loathe Congress – My Rant

RANT: I have recently been more than disappointed with Washington.  I can’t seem to find many of the people there who care about the people of this country.  Instead they are, regardless of their words, greedy to the core.  Instead of trying to work together to fix the economical mess they helped create they are more worried about themselves.  For example, not reading the stimulus package before voting on it.  Even if they think it is a good idea, read it first!  What else do they just push through without thinking about the potential long term damage to their carelessness?

Today I found this article and I really got worked up.  Some in Congress what to expand government so much that it regulates NCAA sports.  I don’t care if Sen. Hatch’s Mormon buddies did not get to the National Championship game; don’t think you can regulate everything Washington.  We might not like the BCS as fans but it is the system for NCAA football.  Go work on something useful oh mighty Congress.–Dirk



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4 responses to “Another Reason Why I Loathe Congress – My Rant

  1. Robin

    I feel like ranting everyday. Several things in your post made me laugh, but maybe that’s just to keep me from crying.

  2. You are way closer to all of that than I want to be. –Dirk

  3. Robin

    I still think it’s weird that all that stuff goes down just across the river.

    I’m trying to be an informed citizen, but paying attention to politics can easily ruin my day. It’s infuriating.

  4. The Littlefields

    I agree with you, it is infuriating. If I wasn’t a Christian and rested in Christ I’d be a nervous wreck while reading the news.

    On a side note I think that we should start a business, let it fail, and get some bail out money. I hear there may be another trillion to go around.–Dirk

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