Josiah’s Trip To The Aquarium

I wish I was better at those catchy titles. Sigh.

A couple weeks ago we thought it would be fun to take Josiah to the Downtown Aquarium before Naomi arrives. It was a lot of fun, and Josiah had a blast. Before the trip Josiah loved all fish equally, but now Josiah has a particular interest in sharks. He’s also a little terrified of them, but it doesnt deter him from talking about them or looking through books about them. Here are some highlights of the day:


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  1. Michelle Cook (TMS)

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures of beautiful Naomi this morning and had to see for myself how big brother Josiah was blooming in the Lord’s Love. They truely are a miracle and I wanted to tell you both congratualations!! I look forward to peeking in once in a while, watching them both grow.Congrats again!

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