All-Time Heavy Hitter 2009

I know that all ten you who have read this blog since last Friday know that today is the day we reveal the All-Time Heavy Hitter 2009 award.  We thank you all for your participation in the poll that we posted and for your support by referring people to our blog.  And now to the moment you have all been waiting for, the winner and top 5:

  1. Jamie  with 1,013 referrals is the All-Time Heavy Hitter 2009.  We fully expect her to write an acceptance speech as this is a very prestigious award.  She will eventually get an award if I get around to making one.  
  2. Kathy and Dirk’s old blog at  781 hits come from that old site.  Which tells me that some of you need to update the link on your blog.  We came pretty close to winning our own award, that would have been sweet. I would have displayed it proudly.
  3. John Mark and Amy came in third with 634 referrals.  I think that is about one per day since we started the blog if he is as faithful about checking as he says he is.  Thanks for coming over here to read the same thing day after day since we don’t post much.
  4. Justin and Rebecca are at the #4 spot with 454.  Nice showing guys.  Keep up the good work in the South 🙂
  5. Michael and Jennifer round out the top five with 311 referrals.  Thanks  for sending people our way.

If you did not make it into the top five this year it is ok.  We will hopefully (if I remember, so remind me) have more awards at the end of the year.  There will be another All-Time award and a new Heavy Hitter of the Year catagory.  So log onto the internet and click away.  I also encourage you to come up with your own awards to give away.  It is a cheap way to get a couple of posts.  –Dirk



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4 responses to “All-Time Heavy Hitter 2009

  1. Robin

    I knew Jamie would win!

  2. Jamie

    While I am honored to be the recipient of such a prestigious title, I’m not really comfortable with the “heavy” part. Let’s work on that.

    With that said, I am thrilled to know I play a role, however small, in the success of the Littlefield blog. I will display my major award proudly once you get around to making one.

  3. The Littlefields

    Kathy came up with the award name, I only did everything else. As the first winner we will take your insight and rethink the name. The award will have a baseball bat and that will hopefully put the “heavy” in a good light in the context of baseball.

  4. The Littlefields

    The google reader was 6th and your blog was 7th. You were so close, and I’m sure you are upset that you weren’t on the top 5 list as it is a very prestigious award.

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