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Josiah’s Breakfast Birthday Bash

Today is Josiah’s 2nd birthday:

Happy Birthday, Josiah!!

A small family party was organized for Josiah’s second birthday this past weekend. A full-sized party with invitations and friends and games was a little beyond my ability at this point. The cousins had a blast and fully enjoyed their food and Josiah’s new ‘toys’. You’ll see from the pictures that the best gift ever was the box that the truck from Aunt Donna came in (Thanks Aunt Donna!). Its too true that the best toys are the boxes and wrapping paper, and these pictures are proof.  If you are OCD or cant stand things on the floor, it might have driven you a little crazy to see what kind of mess they made, but it was worth it watching them have so much fun. The best part–in my opinion–was Josiah wanting to open his presents while sitting in the box. He had a blast.  If you are wondering why Naomi is not in any of these pictures, she was being held by her Poppy.


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This is what Josiah looks like when he’s sick

…if you’ve ever wondered.

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Naomi Jane


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Catching up

Its been a crazy 2 weeks! I’m going to try to keep the update short so that I have time to post up pictures–lots of pictures. This is the only ‘household’ task I’m assigning to myself today: update the blog.

March 16 7:30 am:I check into St Lukes hospital in labor
12:35 pm Naomi Jane is born!*

March 18 Dirk and I bring Naomi home!*

March 20 Josiah develops a high fever (101-103 degrees), no appetite and is exhausted.*

March 21-My parents return from England–yay! J still has a fever and looks terrible.

March 22 Naomi’s due date- Dirk’s mom heads for home after staying with us for a week–a HUGE help! Thanks! J still has a low grade fever.

March 23 We figure out the cause of Josiah’s fever–he has roseola again! The fever is gone, but he has a rash of red spots all over him. Dirk goes back to work and its my first day alone as the mom of two kids. 🙂 Naomi is a week old. *

March 25 I feel sick. Waves of fever and chills with lots of nausea.

March 27 I feel better. Josiah and Naomi share an appointment at the dr’s office: Two year and two week check up, respectively.* Shots all around. :/ Dirk comes home exhausted and complaining of nausea and weakness.

March 28.  Josiah has a small ‘breakfast birthday bash’ with family.* Dirk wakes up sick, and spends the morning sleeping on my parent’s couch.

March 29 I get a small taste of what its like to be a single parent–Dirk, Josiah, and Naomi need to be cared for.

March 30 Naomi is two weeks old!* Dirk returns to work for a couple of hours but is still weak.

March 31 Dirk is better and its Josiah turns TWO!!*

Those are the essentials. Typing it up, it doesnt seem like we were as busy as it felt–but if I havent answered or returned your phone calls or emails, please know its only because all conditions must be perfect for me to be able to chat. I’ll get the hang of it all soon, I hope!  I’ll post up things like Naomi’s birth story, pictures and other fun tidbits as soon as I can–thanks for your patience.

* Pictures to follow


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Rant Continued and Hope

Q: Who in their right mind would release people to be free on US soil that were detained for being part of a terrorist organization?

A: Obama.

I won’t say more as my head might actually explode. My hope is not in the US government but I have been trying to be an informed citizen.  Being informed leads to this story and this one both of which are very troublesome.

(HT: drudgereport)

However there is hope in the world.  Christ’s work moves forward.  I recently got wind of a church that is active in planting churches (two this year!) in its area instead of trying to build its own empire.  Stories like this remind me of the reality that Christ sits on His thrown as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I have also been reading Isaiah this week for class, it is timely.  Christ is where we should find our rest not in an US President or Congress.  His work continues and that is where our focus should be.  I’m going to take a break from being too informed as a citizen for a week or so; I don’t think Washington will mind.


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Another Reason Why I Loathe Congress – My Rant

RANT: I have recently been more than disappointed with Washington.  I can’t seem to find many of the people there who care about the people of this country.  Instead they are, regardless of their words, greedy to the core.  Instead of trying to work together to fix the economical mess they helped create they are more worried about themselves.  For example, not reading the stimulus package before voting on it.  Even if they think it is a good idea, read it first!  What else do they just push through without thinking about the potential long term damage to their carelessness?

Today I found this article and I really got worked up.  Some in Congress what to expand government so much that it regulates NCAA sports.  I don’t care if Sen. Hatch’s Mormon buddies did not get to the National Championship game; don’t think you can regulate everything Washington.  We might not like the BCS as fans but it is the system for NCAA football.  Go work on something useful oh mighty Congress.–Dirk


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Naomi Jane is here!

Naomi Jane was born yesterday at 12:35pm. She was 7lbs 4oz and 19.5 inches. We made it to the hospital around 7am yesterday morning after experiencing strong contractions starting about 4 a.m.  Kathy labored like a champ and little Naomi Jane was born at 12:35 p.m.  Both mom and baby are doing well.  We’ll post more later about her name and I’m sure you will get a full birth story as Kathy did for Josiah.–Dirk



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