Poll – All Time Referrers

I just figured out how to measure which websites have been referring hits to our blog in months, quarters, years, and all time.  Until this discovery I could only see the referrers from the last few days.  We here at The Littlefields blog would like to publically honor the blog that sends the most hits our direction.  This award will be called the Heavy Hitter All-Time Award 2009.  But first we would like to see if you can guess who that lucky person is.  Here are the top 5 for you to vote on.  And don’t try to pad your stats I’ve already written down who had the most hits as of 7:20 pm 2/27/09.–Dirk


Note: the voting will go until Wed March 4th. 



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4 responses to “Poll – All Time Referrers

  1. Wow! We’re honored to be in the top 5!!

  2. john-mark

    I am pretty sure its me because I always go through my website to check yours, and I do that almost daily, you should feel glad you are one of the 10 blogs a check daily. so the honor is yours!

  3. john-mark

    One more thing, if you said those are the top five and the winner would be one of those, why is there an “other ” option?

  4. The Littlefields

    I left the “other” option because I wanted to see if I would get a random write vote. I thought it would be funny. You are the only one who noticed it–Dirk

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