3rd Generation Conservative Southern Baptists Part 2

After posting about the first article by Steven A. McKinion I found the second article.  I commend it to you as it provides some interesting observations about the three generations of the Conservative movement in the SBC.  I don’t know if I agree with all of his observations of the first two generations because of my experiences with them; maybe I need to study the history more before I offer too much commentary.  However his assessment of the third generation’s two camps of thought (and I would say there are some from all generations in these two) is pretty good:

“Some may see Baptist identity as the means to faithful biblical faith and practice, while others may see faithful Christian life and practice resulting in a Baptist identity

In light of our study at GRBC about Baptist heritage I think these posts are timely as we get closer to talking about the SBC.  And it helps explain some of the conflict in the SBC right now.



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