Ten (plus one) on Tuesday

1. I have baking lately. A lot. I started a small business baking bread, scones, and bagels for family and friends before Naomi gets here(when does that ticker say? 61 days? Yikes!). So far, business has been great! It was crazy at first and now we are in a steady rhythm. Why am I doing this? Because…

2. I am trying to set aside a little extra cash on my own to pay for the start up of using cloth diapers for Naom. They are EXPENSIVE.

3. Why cloth diapers? I bet a few of you think I’m turning into a full fledged hippie. Well, I have many reasons: a) disposable diapers are expensive! $50+ a month for two sets of diapers makes my head spin. Oh, the waste.  b) I have very sensitive skin. Josiah has very sensitive skin. I’m pretty sure Naomi wil have very sensitive skin. There is nothing worse than hearing your baby scream in pain because of the horrible diaper rash he has received. We’ve tried many things and I’ve thought a few times about switching J to cloth Diapers(I had to have them too) but we’re going to ride it out and start fresh with Naomi. c) I have the time. I’ve been promised its as easy as an extra load of laundry every other day.

4. I had my sister (the organizer/declutterer extraordanaire–seriously, she should go into business) and my mom over to help set things arright for Naomi. I think I needed a fresh set of eyes to see what was possible. Thanks guys!! Its starting to seem like a possibility to have two in here.

5. Josiah is in his toddler bed now! I’m so proud of him. For his nap the crib was still in the room, so I think that threw him off and he kept getting out of bed to knock on his door and call for me. It was pretty sad. After 30 minutes  and several gentle reminders to get back in bed, he finally gave up and slept in his big boy bed. Bed time was a snap. He was so proud of himself, too.

6. I am 31 weeks pregnant! That means I am down to single digits in the weeks count down. This is crazy.

7. I’m due March 22 and my parents are leaving the week before to go on a 9 day trip to England. My dad is heading up the school trip and my mom is going because its awesome. Also, my oldest sister and brother-in-law are going to Cabo that same week! I would be freaking out a little more if my mother in law wasnt coming to stay that week just to be safe. I guess there really isnt any reason to worry but since we’re delivering downtown, I just worry about needing help or having somone keep Josiah. Thanks GranGran!

8. Dirk and I have two new shows that we enjoy: “No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain”, and “Bizairre Food” –both on the Travel Channel. I think this is in part due to the fact that they are aired ALL THE TIME, and they are both interesting.  I have learned that I’m not an adventurous eater, and I’m ok with that.

9. Dirk ran the Houston Half-marathon on Sunday! He did awesome!

10. My oldest sister ran the Houston FULL Marathon. She did great! We are all so impressed with her second marathon.

11. J and I rode around with her husband and daughter and my dad watching for both of them at several markers and It was great seeing them-Josiah was inspired. 🙂



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2 responses to “Ten (plus one) on Tuesday

  1. karen

    homemade scones…yum!!

    i am looking forward to seeing you soon. (and the diapering doesn’t have to be expensive. you can do the first few months almost completly free and after that just buy what you need at that time.)

  2. Grommy

    Well, Maybe Miss Naomi will come early and both Grommy and GranGran can help 🙂 !! Then Master Josiah wont feel so alone while you love on his Lil Sister!

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