Remember, O thou man part 2

December Challenge #25

I decided that the title of that song was good for posting about my New Year’s resolutions.  I figure in a few months weeks days I’ll need to be reminded of what I wanted committed to do.  I have decided that there is no way to keep up with Greek other than to read it every morning.  Actually my Greek professors told us this over and over, but you know it had to be my idea.  I have decided to try to read the Greek New Testament  all the way through in 2009.  From the reading plan I got over at Dr. Hamilton’s blog I should be able to do this with 31 days to spare.  From past experience I figure that I might not get it all done, but consistency is the goal.  So if you see me during the year please ask how it is going and if needed say “Remember, O thou man” you said you were going read it all!–Dirk


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