Once In Royal David’s City

December Challenge #23

This Christmas Eve our church held a service that was patterned after Kings College Chapel’s Festival of Nine Carols and Lessons. This was started at Kings College in 1918 when the newly appointed dean decided to liven up the Christmas service after the end of World War I. The traditional service starts with the above mentioned carol and alternates between scripture reading(lessons) and carols. It was really nice because it walks through the gospel and the focus is on the incarnate Word. It was very refreshing.  Our modification of the service* was only an hour, but the original service it typically up to 3 hours long, I’m told.

Here are some links if you are interested in the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols:

Kings College Website
Broadcast and background of the service


*If anyone has pictures of Mary, Joseph and the nativity narrator that they would care to share–ahem–please email me so I can post a couple. 🙂



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