Feliz Navidad

December Challenge #12

El Meson Cuban Restaurant review.  

I picked Feliz Navidad because it is the only Christmas song I can think of with any Spanish in it and they speak Spanish in Cuba so we have a stretch at a song.  

Last night we went with a group of friends to eat Cuban food at El Meson in Rice Village.  Somehow I got nominated to pick a place to eat and after throwing out some ideas we ate Cuban.  I was pleasantly surprised with the experience.  The decor was nice and atmosphere was not too loud (unlike Mi Luna) so the conversations could be heard.  On to the food.  

First, we had tapas and despite our efforts at diversity at the table they all pretty much were the same thing.  They all had potato pie/quiche wedges with pepperoni on them.  Ours came with olives and others came with cheese.  It was very good and I look forward to Misty or Kathy or someone making it for us some Wed night.  Then we had our entrees, and again much of it looked alike.  Not because of the menu, but because we all ordered the same thing.  Kathy had beef medallions in a wonderful sauce with spinach that had pine nuts and raisins in it.  It was good.  I had Cuban nachos with black beans, cheese, plantains, and jalapenos.  Both meals were better than I expected.  

So, would I go there again?  Absolutely.  In fact I think it would be fun to go and eat paella sometime.   If you are in the Houston area and want something different to eat, go try it.–Dirk


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