Snoopy vs. The Red Baron

December Challenged #10

I searched for random Christmas songs and this one came up.  Why did I want a random Christmas song you may ask?  Well I am starting a new series in which I will post the sayings off of the billboard of the church I drive by daily to work (they are RANDOM).  Your job as the readers (I hope it is more than one person) is to spiritualize the quote, find a way to use it in a sermon, try to justify it with scripture or anything else creative you can think of to get a laugh.  The title of these posts with be “Find the Theological Connection.”  Have fun with this one–Dirk

” The difference between extraordinary and ordinary is extra”



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4 responses to “Snoopy vs. The Red Baron

  1. Have you ever seen this website? It’s pretty great.

  2. John

    perhaps this is a sermonette on giving. I can see it now….
    the church is tight on money as the holiday season and the recession both get into full swing. The church’s pocketbook is suffering after poorly investing in a larger sign to help advertise the church. Then, while reading quotable quotes off of wikipedia, this little gem of a saying pops in the mind of pastor Bob: “The difference between extraordinary and ordinary is extra”

    Then, it his pastor Bob like a large print KJV on an oak pulpit; “If you give ordinary amounts you will be ordinary but if you give extraordinary you will be extraordinary, so the only thing keeping you from being great is giving a little extra … genius !”

    …that is how it would play out in my mind.

  3. That was awesome John…..almost a little too true to life–Dirk

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