Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

December Challenge #6

Or should I say “Bevo the Burnt Orange Longhorn.” There is some poor person who is confused about Christmas decorations in our area. We went to look at Christmas lights last night and what we found at one house was a huge blown up Bevo among the other “normal” Christmas decorations. Aside from normal issues I have with Christmas taking away from Christ, this is crazy given the year in the Big XII. Let me just say “OU and BCS.” Ah the glory of the neutral computer verses the neutral playing field.

Now, aside from that fun jab at t-sips the overall Christmas light situation continues to be disappointing. I like to look at the immensity of decorations on some houses and the creativity, but very few have anything to do with Christ. No, I’m not surprised I’ve come to expect that. Let me encourage you to make much of Christ this holiday season. May we not waste Christmas!

(by the way I’m not against putting up lights, but if you decorating think about what you are putting out)



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