It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

December Challenge #7

Around midnight on friday Josiah woke up with the trademark cough that always accompanies the croup. I am honestly surprised that Josiah has gotten it twice in the past 8 months(the last time was the week before his birthday) but since it usually happens around winter time, I guess it makes sense. We put him in the bathroom with a steamy shower running for about 15  minutes and then we held him out on our balcony for a little while to breathe the cool air.  We aren’t really sure that he was aware of what was wrong because we sat and played with cars in the bathroom, and he had a blast looking around on the balcony talking about the cars. He wasnt in any distress and he went back to sleep easily(with a humidifier that Dirk had to run out and get).

We have kept ourselves in seclusion here for the past few days but Josiah doesnt seem at all to be sick. He is slightly rhaspy but he is his normal playful self–if not maybe more playful. I’m sure he is going a little stir crazy around here. I need to call the doctor’s office to find out how long he is considered contagious since he doesnt act or appear to be sick, but I would hate to put any other kids at risk.


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