What Child Is This?

December challenge #2

I went for my 24 week check-up today and I had another ultrasound since the radiologist was unable to get a good look at Naomi’s spine and kidneys. She was super active today and it was fun to watch her react and push back when she was prodded. I had her make doubly sure about the gender, and its definitely a lot more clear that she is a little girl! I hope that sometime in the next couple days I’ll remember to get a side shot of my belly. My sister Amy said I looked small for 24 weeks, bless her. I’ve gained about 17 pounds according to the scale at the office.

On another note, Josiah is getting a lot more talkative and clear when he speaks. I still can’t understand about 50-60% of what he is saying but he is trying. His favorite words are ‘wow'(all drawn out like ‘waooooow’), mama, and PapaT(Dirk’s dad), look, truck, big truck, car, and of course NO. He says a lot that sounds so much like sentences, and I dont doubt that is what is going on, but we just cant make it all out. He is so sincere and so serious when he looks at me and talks, I hate that I can’t understand him. Thank goodness for signing! We’ll get there one day!



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2 responses to “What Child Is This?

  1. Robin

    So you are still doing the full 31 days? Yay! I won’t be able to do the full month this year.

  2. I must note that Josiah says Daddy alot too. But it is sounds like dah-DEE

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