Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Today is the first day of December and so begins the annual( I can’t remember if I did it last year or if it was the year before, honestly) December Challenge where I(we) will be attempting to post each day of the month. Last time some fellow bloggers decided to spice it up by requiring each post to have a Christmas carol as the title.*  I hope to be able to do that this year as well. So here we go! Make sure you check back often as we will be posting more regularly.






*Actually, they eventually fell into using lines and phrases from carols, which isnt really the same thing…



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6 responses to “Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. Robin

    um…this was part of Jamie’s comment on your blog last year:

    “Not only will I post every day in December, but I will make every post title a line from a Christmas song.”

  2. Robin

    I am impressed that you were planning on doing the DBC on your own though. I wasn’t going to do it.

  3. The Littlefields

    Ok fine, ya got me. But still, using lines from Christmas songs seems way too easy to include as part of a ‘challenge’ if you ask me. Where’s the challenge? Plus, if I remember correctly, the lines got more and more obscure as the month wore on. It seems that there are enough Christmas albums being produced, not to mention the existing carols, that we ought to be able to dig up 31–I mean 14–titles to be used, right?

  4. Robin

    I thought it was hard with the titles. Sometimes I had an idea for a blog post, but I couldn’t come up with a good title for it. It was annoying. So I came up with mediocre topics just to keep up with the challenge. Trust me, if it had not been for the song thing, I would have written some excellent blog posts. Prize winning posts, I’m sure.

  5. Jamie

    We never stipulated that the lines must be from overused Christmas songs. I think the obscurity lended to the charm of it all. And maybe through it all, some one lighted upon a previously unknown song that is now a favorite…just one of the many sevices the DBC supplied.

    And yes, Robin, I’m sure it is all the fault of the DBC ’07 that your blog posts were less than stellar. You’d probably be a BlogHer blogger by now if it wasn’t for last December…

  6. The Littlefields

    A what?

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