Ten on Tuesday

1. Josiah is waking up from his nap. I’m going to get all ten in before he is fully awake and yelling for me.

2. I was a baking fool while Josiah napped today. I made a batch of cookies(chocolate chip) for church tonight since I only do desserts, and two–yes two–loaves of bread. Actually, the recipe makes two, but it sounds more impressive that way. The bread smells yummy.

3. For the past 6-8 months or so Dirk and I have been using Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. It takes a little getting used to, but it is so awesome because when you drink or eat anything after brushing your teeth it doesn’t taste bad like it usually would. Even water tastes sweet.

4. I burned my finger while I was baking today so now I am typing with a handicap and since my laptop gets unusually hot, its extra hard to type fast.

5. I am a weirdo about sheets. They have to be tucked in completely on the end of the bed because I hate hate HATE when sheets pull out from the end of the bed. I need about 24 inches tucked in to be sure that this will not happen. If I suspect it is happening, I will get out of bed regardless of the hour to fix it. Dirk thinks this is weird.

6. Trying to think of something else to say…

7. The sermon at our church this week was EXCELLENT. It was addressing the different roles of men and women with particular attention to the the Genesis account. I have to be honest, I was not interested. I don’t have a problem with the complementarian view so I didnt think there was much for me to learn. It was SO good and so informative. I highly recommend you take a listen if you have about 45 minutes to spare.

8. I am so excited I am picking up a Combi double stroller tomorrow!! I picked it up off Craigs List. Woohoo!

9. Josiah got another haircut last week and I’m still getting used to it. He looks so different to me! I’ll say that Mary Kay at Shears ‘n’ Action totally earned her money this time! Josiah was not a happy customer, but she was able to work around his crying and squirming and gave him a quality haircut. I think those pictures will be my Wordless Wednesday post.

10. I took Josiah on a walk yesterday and saw a handmade sign for a lost golden retriever. Then, on my way to my book study, I saw a sign for a found golden retriever! I just called the people looking for their dog to to tell them about the found sign. I hope its the same dog!

UPDATE: On the way back to work from lunch I gave Kathy the phone number to call as she requested and when I came home from work the sign was gone!  I hope that means that the lost dog and found dog were the same.  –Dirk

Whew! I did it!



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2 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Robin

    Today IS Wednesday, right? I’m slightly confused on my days as it is and don’t need other people messing with my mind.

  2. The Littlefields

    Oh man. You are so right. I’ve been thinking about 10 things for a couple days so let’s just say this was a draft from yesterday. 🙂

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