I’m finally going to do the photo tag that Jamie sent out 3 weeks ago:

Go to your picture file on your PC.
Pull up the 4th folder.
Pull up the 4th photo.

Tell us about it.

The date is March 31, 2007. This picture is entitled ‘Dirk’s Annoucement’ by our doula Sharon who took it about 30 minutes after Josiah was born. In the picture is Dirk, who is obviously animated and a little hopped up on adrenaline, relating the birth story to his dad Tony (left) and my brother-in-law Clif (right). I’m pretty sure that my parents might have come to see me and the baby at this point. It was a fabulous experience(you can click on the tab entitled “Josiah’s Birth Story” if you are interested). We’re praying for the same for our next little one.


Ok, I tag…ugh. Just do it. And then comment here so I know you did it.


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