Ten on Tuesday

1. Josiah learned the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy from his cousin Olivia, and now he walks around singing to himself “ho-wee, ho-wee, ho-wee” Its pretty cute, especially since this is his first attempt to sing anything. That girl could teach him calculus. 

2. We visited Dirk’s family this weekend and went to his nephew’s Pinewood Derby at their church. Josiah abolutely LOVED watching the cars race. Garrett even won! Now all the guys are making pinewood cars to race at Christmas. I smell a new tradition brewing…

3. We picked a name for a new little girl: Naomi Jane. We love the story of Ruth and Naomi, and the Jane is from Lady Jane Grey. She is a really interesting historical figure that has many qualities that we hope that Naomi will look to as an example.

4. I made a few minor changes to the set up of our apartment and it looks totally different to me! Its amazing how such small changes can make such a difference. We have so much more room and it feels much more cozy. 

5. Anyone ever made the Amish Friendship Bread? Does it turn out ok if you dont ‘mush the bag’ for couple days like you are supposed to? 

6. We have decided to have a salsa cookoff with my family this Christmas. I’m so excited about this! I’m thinking something with fruit since we have mastered the pappasito’s version.

7. I am still working on Greek. I am learning verbal roots. This is a completely different teaching style/curriculum than I learned in college. Granted, that was about 8 years ago, but its still blowing my mind. 

8. Our book club has decided to read Knowing God by JI Packer. I’m excited because I have started that book several times and never finished it (surprise, surprise)

9. I just heard it migt get into the 30s this weekend! Hooray! I’m really excited about that. 

10. I can hear Josiah in his bedroom and it sounds like he is messing with the diapers, so I’d better go see what he is up to…



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7 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. amy

    hey, remember when o used to take her diapers OFF? that’s what your #10 made me think of. we resorted to duct/packing tape to keep them on. she knew what was coming too, and would stand up on the changing table and pass us the tape! man…hope j doesn’t start doing that!

  2. Robin

    Yay for ten on Tuesday!

    Have you started reading Knowing God yet?

  3. Traci

    Hey, may I have your Pappasitos salsa recipe? All my salsa recipes are yuck and I love theirs. I have a recipe for a pineapple salsa that has red onion and cilantro. Fruity, but not very hot.

    Yay for a girl! Congrats. Oh and love the name. It’s Ruby’s middle name too….

  4. Mike

    Yes, I agree. In fact, Olivia has already taught me calculus–but then she had to come back the next week, because I forgot it all.

  5. Jane is the middle name we have picked out too–we just can’t seem to settle on a first name.

    I’m going to try to start the book this week.

  6. Robin

    Oh yeah, I was going to ask for the Pappasitos salsa recipe, too.

  7. The Littlefields

    Amy–That is the main reason why I keep shorts/pants on him at all times! He hasnt really tried to take his diaper off yet, and I want to delay it as much as possible!

    Traci-I kept hearing a song on the classic country station about someone named Ruby Jane, and I was going to email you, and then I realized that its actually Reuben James. Ooops!

    I’ll send out our recipe, or maybe just post it on the book blog. 🙂

    I started the book last night. I’m 2 chapters in and finding out that I need to read it slowly.

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