Poll, Link, and Pictures

We are heading to our ‘big ultrasound’ to see our baby #2 on Tuesday so this is a little late, but I’m interested in what you think we are having…

Also, we heard an excellent sermon today and if you have a spare 45 minutes while you are reading blogs, you should definitely take a listen.

Ok, I lied about the third part, but I was pretty sure no one would come to the blog unless I lured them in with pictures. I’ll definitely get some up tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Poll, Link, and Pictures

  1. Argh! Everyone is finding out before me. My doctor won’t do my ultrasound until after 22 weeks, which I now am. My appointment is in 12 days. I’m losing my mind. And you’re having a girl.

  2. The Littlefields

    Thats really weird. Ours said that they like to do ultrasounds between 19 and 21 weeks because of what they can see in that space of time. I wonder what your doctor will be looking for….So, we aren’t that far apart, it seems. What is your due date?

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