terrible, just terrible.

Anyone who has talked to me in the past 72 hours has already heard all of this, because apparently the only real outward symptom of a sinus infection of my variety is the never-ending whining. I’m only assuming it is a sinus infection since a week ago I was getting over a head cold and then my teeth, cheek, neck and jawbone on my left side started throbbing on friday.* It has been miserable. Thankfully, I am married to a wonderful man who willingly picked up the slack and has helped keep our little household running. He is simply wonderful, and as soon as I feel better I’m going to take him out on a date!

When it feels good to sit up and keep my eyes open(at the same time) I will post an update about the exciting developments in our lives in the past several weeks. Stay tuned, folks!


*Normally, I would have taken myself to the nearest minor emergency clinic to be given a wonderful steroid shot and a zpack, but since I’m 16 weeks pregnant, there is no point spending hours I’ll never get back to be told that I can only take tylenol and drink lots of fluids. I just have to make it through this.


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  1. GranGran

    So sorry you are sick! Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for loving my son.

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