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This is the newest in my sparce series for online learning opportunities is  I haven’t added this to the Online Learning page  until nowalthough I may have mentioned it.  This website is by far the most extensive website that I use.  This group does several things.  They search and gather links to great resources and then organize them so that that are easily found.  They have expanded to include a MP3 library for your listening pleasure and a bookstore.  I get e-mails frequently about sales and specials deals on books, you won’t want to miss those. 

Use this site to find things to read, do research, or find some high quality listening material and enjoy!



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Random updates

1. I’m finally feeling better! My tolerance for mine or anyone else’s illness(Dirk will attest to this) ends after 3 days, so for me to be seriously incapacitated for 5 days is too much for me. It has been terrible, but today I feel great! I still have some drainage issues but for my purposes, I’m great! I can do laundy, cook and enjoy playing with Josiah again! Woohoo!

2. Yesterday when I should have been napping while Josiah napped, instead I watched the 1949 movie version of The Fountainhead on TCM. I had always been curious about the book, but was unwilling to devote the energy it would take to wade through Ayn Rand’s classic. I have to say that if I were not a Christian, the most consistent nonreligious philosophy that I could adopt would be Objectivism. I have to give to Rand for being so honest and defining true humanism.

3. I am 16 weeks along now. I like to think I have felt movement, but just when I start to pay attention to what I feel, its gone. I’m starting to have to transition into maternity clothes. I have been able to wear regular clothes so far, but I think I’m finally at the point where am uncomfortable with how high my shirts ride up. Ugh~ (side note: I’ve only gained 3lbs so far!)

4. I won’t find out if we are having a boy or girl until my appointment in November. I was hoping It would happen this month, but due to the timing of my visits, it just wont work until next time. Bummer.

5. I went to a wedding this weekend for my cousin sans Dirk and Josiah. (in fact, both my sisters left their husbands at home with the youngest child for the same reasons) It was a lot of fun, and I’m sad that Dirk and the good king missed out, but due to the time of the wedding and Josiah just getting over his own head cold, it would have been no fun for anyone involved. The wedding was beautiful and she thought enough to have a special menu for the kids present and even a goodie bag to play with during the ceremony! So nice.

6. I finally sat down and went through my Google Reader and read skimmed the 370 posts that I had missed in the past week. Whew!

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terrible, just terrible.

Anyone who has talked to me in the past 72 hours has already heard all of this, because apparently the only real outward symptom of a sinus infection of my variety is the never-ending whining. I’m only assuming it is a sinus infection since a week ago I was getting over a head cold and then my teeth, cheek, neck and jawbone on my left side started throbbing on friday.* It has been miserable. Thankfully, I am married to a wonderful man who willingly picked up the slack and has helped keep our little household running. He is simply wonderful, and as soon as I feel better I’m going to take him out on a date!

When it feels good to sit up and keep my eyes open(at the same time) I will post an update about the exciting developments in our lives in the past several weeks. Stay tuned, folks!


*Normally, I would have taken myself to the nearest minor emergency clinic to be given a wonderful steroid shot and a zpack, but since I’m 16 weeks pregnant, there is no point spending hours I’ll never get back to be told that I can only take tylenol and drink lots of fluids. I just have to make it through this.

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