Hurricane Ike

This post may cause more problems than anything else, but I’ll write it anyway.  The common rule of thumb for hurricanes is “run from the surge and hide from the wind.”  So we are staying here in Atascocita because there won’t be a surge here and we can hide from the wind inside.  Here is a picture of Ike from space, that little red dot on the news doesn’t do it justice. 


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  1. Sheri

    Cathy, Not sure if you can get this but if you do will you please email me the Baggett’s email address. I thought I knew it but I can’t get the numbers in order. I’ve been updating their blog but I haven’t heard from them since the storm. I’m getting a little worried. We are all safe (and cool) in LA and I can do their updating from here.
    How did your family fare from the storm? We drove by your parents and it was already cleaned up and didn’t even look like a storm hit. Can’t say the same for the rest of Forest Cove.

    Sheri Walling

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