The Childrens Museum!

We had an impromptu family day on Saturday including a visit to the Children’s Museum at the Woodlands. Josiah had a blast running around checking it all out. After a thorough scrub down and a tasty lunch Josiah crashed on the way home. Here are some fun pictures of Josiah at the museum:



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3 responses to “The Childrens Museum!

  1. I like Josiah-In-A-Giant-Mouth. 🙂

  2. karen

    Looks like fun. He is looking a lot like you (kathy, that is). =)

  3. I loved the children’s museum when I was smaller. Yet, I cannot vouch for the one in Houston, because I went to the one in Memphis with grandparents. I loved the grocery section and the large tower you could climb all the way up. I remember watching this crazy mom try to squeeze up the tower to rescue her wailing kid who got scared.

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