Great Sermon Series

We attend Grace Reformed Baptist Churchin the Humble/Kingwood area as most of you know.  It is a great place to be part of the local body of believers because of the striving to be Biblical in all areas.  Because of that the sermons are exegetical through books of the Bible.  We haven’t really had a “sermon series” since the beginning of the church several years ago (unless you count going through all of John in 2 years or Acts in a little more than a year).  There have been a few times that Brad, the pastor (preaching elder), has taken a break from a book for a week or two to exegete other pieces to text or do a small topical sermon on the marks of a healthy church.  But this summer we have had a full blown sermon series on the Ordo Salutis(Latin for Order of Salvation).  It is an excellent group of sermons that are true and faithful to the Bible while at the same time “topical.”  I wish all SBC preachers could do a topical sermon like this!  Maybe the flock would get fed.  If you listen to sermons in the car, runs, or around the house you will not want to miss these!  May the Lord bless the preaching of His Word!  –Dirk


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