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Gag: Another ‘6 Random Things About Me” Post

I have to admit that I love silly little email surveys or being tagged on the blog for any of variation of them. Karen* tagged me for ‘6 Random Things About Me’, and I’m pretty sure this is at least my third time to do it. She sent out the challenge over a week ago, but since I take these things seriously, I have needed that long to come up with 6 MORE things that you dont know. Here’s what I got:

Here are the tagging rules:

  1. Post the rules on your blog
  2. Write 6 random things about yourself
  3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
  4. If you’re tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag

Here goes:

1. I have a mental calendar in my head. Its not the the typical flip-through-the-one-hanging-in-your-kitchen-visual either. Its actually pretty elaborate. Up until about a year ago, I thought this was normal-most people have some visual of the year in their head, right? Apparently not. See, mine is in the shape of an oval, like a track around a stadium. The straight sides are January thru May, and the other side is August thru November. The curves are made up of June and July on one side, and December on the other. Since tomorrow begins September, we are 1/4 of the way through one of the straights. When I think of a date–say March 22, 2009–I look across the track from where I am ‘standing’ to the other side where March is. Weird?? I dont think so. The only other person I have found that has a visual like this is Dirk–and only after I found out that most other people think that its really weird. I wont go into how I see centuries or weeks; I think this random enough for now.

2. I am a Merchandiser for American Greetings. I have two Walmarts in my area that I am in charge of, and I go once or twice a week to check their supplies, receive AG boxes, resolve any problems with management, and stock the product on the shelves. It is really, really easy, and its fun to get dressed up and get out of the house once a week. It only takes a few hours of my time during each week, and Josiah enjoys that time with my mom playing and taking his nap.

3. Dirk’s family is involved in agriculture, and that means I know a little bit more about cotton farming, wheat harvesting, cattle branding, wind farming, tractor repairing, and land leasing than the average suburbanite. I realize that anyone in Dirk’s family reading this is probably laughing to themselves since I actually know very little, but that just goes to show how little the rest of us know. I used to explain modern cotton farming practices to my 8th grade US History classes and could answer most of their questions.

4. I find security in transition. That is a weird statement, but thats the only way I can put it. Dirk and I have always felt like we were going to be doing something else very soon–like we weren’t where we ultimately will end up yet–we still feel that way. We are always in transition. I actually don’t mind it a bit. Whenever I get despondent about everyone we know owning a house but us, I start to ask myself: Where would I want that house to be? Where will be feel like we are ready to stay for good? What would we be doing? Would it be something we are ready to commit the next 10, 15, or 20 years? After I think through my answers to that, and I’m not ready to say with confidence that where we are is where we would be ready to stay forever, it cures me out of being depressed about not having other people’s lives. I love where we are and I love waiting for the next thing that the Lord has for us.

5. I’ve really been into Jason Mraz lately. Random.

6. I am 11 weeks pregnant now and during this time I have not wanted any coffee. *GASP* When Dirk makes it at home, I usually think it smells gross. If I do drink it, it has to be something made by the baristas at Starbucks since I dont want to mess with the milk(gag!).

*Karen, since there is no title to your 6 Random Things post, I can’t link directly to it!


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Josiah update and first haircut

First, lets be honest. You’re only here for the pictures. so here they are:

He was GREAT at his first haircut. I HIGHLY recommend Mary Kay at Shears-In-Action in Kingwood. She was so great with him and even put some hair in a little bag for us to put in his baby book(there you go, mom!)

I took Josiah to his 15-17month check up the other day and here are his stats:

Height: 32 1/2 Inches (75th percentile–can you believe it?!)
Weight: 24 1/2 Lbs (50th percentile)
Head Size: 80th percentile (I can’t remember the circumference, but who really wants to know??)

He is a super fun and active little boy. He likes to play, laugh, kiss, eat, tickle, look at books, play with cars, blocks, animals, cups and anything else he can get his hands on. He hasn’t been saying an abundance of clear words, but instead most of our family will swear he has said things like “there he is,” “what is this?”, “oh my gosh”, “I want it”. He babbles a lot with so much emphasis I always feel bad that I dont know what he is saying–he is so serious about it! My mom says that I didn’t talk for the first couple years and then started speaking in full sentences when I was about two. I’m interested to see if this is the case for Josiah since he understands so much of what we say to him or ask him to do.

Another thing that he is particularly interested is fish and pretty much any and all aquatic life. One of his favorite books that he likes to me to read to him is the Audobon Society Field Guide to Fishes. He will bring it to me and sign “more” and “please” so that I will read it to him. I just flip through it and tell him the name of each species and he sits engrossed for a good 10 minutes(in toddler world that is a LONG time). Its pretty amazing how interested he is in all sea life.

We have so enjoyed watching him change and learn, and I can’t wait wait to see what he gets into next!

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What happens when you let your child watch tv unattended

Go me.


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The Childrens Museum!

We had an impromptu family day on Saturday including a visit to the Children’s Museum at the Woodlands. Josiah had a blast running around checking it all out. After a thorough scrub down and a tasty lunch Josiah crashed on the way home. Here are some fun pictures of Josiah at the museum:


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My Wonderful Husband

I know its been a while since I’ve posted about our life and the fun pictures and anecdotes about Josiah, so I will get on that soon, but first I need to let you know about my amazing husband.

Don’t roll your eyes, he really is that wonderful!

We found out about a month ago that I am pregnant–Oh yeah, I’m pregnant!*–and this one has been a doosey. During Josiah’s pregnancy, I craved everything, and ate like a horse. I had pretty regular morning sickness but I was able to function on a normal work schedule. However, the past couple weeks have been so difficult to function. I have no energy, no appetite, and I have had very strong nausea and morning sickness. I’ve already lost about 4 pounds from all the side effects. My aversion to most foods has left me lethargic, sleepy, and highly sensitive to pretty much all smells.

I know this is completely normal to some, but to me its been pretty hard to deal with especially since I had been getting up with Dirk in the morning to help iron his clothes and pack his lunch and occaisionally make coffee.

 I could say it has been hard on Dirk that I haven’t been up with him in the morning, but he hasn’t once complained about it. He has been extremely supportive and caring.  The past few weekends–and even some mornings during the week–he has gotten Josiah up, changed his diaper, fed him breakfast, and played with him all morning until I could open my eyes. He also has prepared his lunch–which has been seriouslly making me ill–and most dinners with out being asked. He has been so attentive and kind while I loaf on the couch trying not to throw up. He has done laundry, cleaned the kitchen, bathed Josiah, made coffee, and pretty much been the best husband I could ask for, without ever asking.

I think the most wonderful thing that he has done was last night. I worked myself up to finally cook a complete meal for us and I was able to do most of it without feeling too ill. We sat down to eat and something about the chicken made me gag. I ran to the bathroom a few seconds too late, and needless to say, that was the end of my meal. Dirk finished eating with Josiah while I took a shower and He comforted Josiah when he freaked out about what was wrong with ‘Mama’. Then, he cleaned up all that needed to be cleaned (gross, I know. I appologize for the graphic nature of this story, but I want to express the depth of his love for me and servant’s heart.) and then laid down with me to watch the Olympics. 

I wanted to share that I am so very blessed!!

* I dont mean to skirt the wonderful blessing of a new child, but I didnt want to pass up telling about my supportive and generous husband. We are so excited and thankful for another child and we ask that you would partner in prayer with us for a healthy pregnancy! The due date is March 22, 2009.


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Great Sermon Series

We attend Grace Reformed Baptist Churchin the Humble/Kingwood area as most of you know.  It is a great place to be part of the local body of believers because of the striving to be Biblical in all areas.  Because of that the sermons are exegetical through books of the Bible.  We haven’t really had a “sermon series” since the beginning of the church several years ago (unless you count going through all of John in 2 years or Acts in a little more than a year).  There have been a few times that Brad, the pastor (preaching elder), has taken a break from a book for a week or two to exegete other pieces to text or do a small topical sermon on the marks of a healthy church.  But this summer we have had a full blown sermon series on the Ordo Salutis(Latin for Order of Salvation).  It is an excellent group of sermons that are true and faithful to the Bible while at the same time “topical.”  I wish all SBC preachers could do a topical sermon like this!  Maybe the flock would get fed.  If you listen to sermons in the car, runs, or around the house you will not want to miss these!  May the Lord bless the preaching of His Word!  –Dirk

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