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John Bunyan Conference 2008

Starting this Sunday evening through Wednesday evening Simply the Gospel Ministries will be hosting the 2nd annual John Bunyan Theology and Church History Conference .  This year’s speaker will be Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries.  This year’s topic is Ancient Heresies in the Modern Church.  If you are in the Houston area it is a conference that you will not want to miss.  Come and join us at Northeast Christian Academy in Kingwood for a great time of teaching and fellowship.  May the Lord be glorified!



Update: Here is a plug from James White’s own blog about the conference.

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So sad

Sunday morning was Josiah’s last time with his pacifer. I hadn’t really planned on cutting him off that day, but I knew it was coming and it seemed like as good a day as any. When he went down for his after-church nap, there was no more paci there for him. I knew he wouldnt go down without a fight, so I cut the tip of it while he was wailing in his room so I could show him that it was ‘broken’.


 Of course wailing is not a strong enough word. He was hysterical that he didnt have his pacifier for his nap. Let me just say that Josiah’s paci habit was pretty well managed. He only used it for sleep and he always dropped it in the crib before I picked him up. The only problem was that he would cry out at any hour of the night if he woke up without it. Every. single. night. It was pretty annoying, not to mention the fact that he was not getting any uninterrupted sleep–and neither was I.

So I just went for it on Sunday, not knowing Josiah’s deep attachment to that little piece of plastic. He has a blanket and an Elmo in his crib at night, but they don’t hold a candle to that pacifier. I wont go into the sad hysterics or deals he tried to make with me to get it back, but tuesday night was the first night that he–both of us–slept through the whole night without any wake ups.

I did cry a few tears, not for his pacifier, but for the way his world–his little world–was rocked by the disappearance of his pacifier. He doesnt fight naps, and he goes to bed peacefully without it so I guess we are over the hump. Poor little guy.


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