So true.

I’ll be honest: I have not been reading blogs lately. I might check in on my friends blogs a couple times a week, but lately…I’ve been checked out. Its not that I’m so busy, but I go on stints and I use all my free time for whatever I’m into at the moment. For a while it has been reading and lately It has been projects for our new apartment(!).

Anyway, whatever the reason, I’m not on the computer a whole lot except to check my email when someone gets annoyed (*ahem) that I haven’t seen the email they sent. This afternoon I sat down to get caught up on all-or at least a few of them-the blogs on our blogroll and a few that I always enjoy perusing.

Here is a post that really caught my eye and I sadly had to agree.

I’m sure I’ll post more links on this post as I read them–Check back!


 *I’m not naming names, but if this quote sounds familiar then I’m talking about you: “Did you read the _____I sent you? No? UGH. Go check your email.”



More good links:

A good one about Lifeway Christian Bookstore(also applies to all Christian bookstores I have ever been to)

A terrifying look at the marketing of abortions.


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  1. Grommy

    moi’ ??? are you referring to MOI’ ???

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