Ho hum….

I’m posting right now because I’m bored. What? Crazy.

Normally I would be playing with Josiah right now and trying to balance getting dinner stuff together, but instead its quiet. The good king is now past the 4 HOUR mark for his afternoon nap!!! I laid him down a little before one and it is FIVE!!  I’m guessing that his long sleep is due to a combination of a fever all day yesterday and him waking up every hour last night.

It was not a fun 24 hours.

I’m praying that we get some teeth out of his illness yesterday, so I’ll have to make a check when he wakes up.

Anyway, I just wanted to say we’re still here and doing great. I’m going to try and think really hard to come up with something interesting to say, or at least upload some pictures of Josiah for the masses.

We’ll be back soon!



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3 responses to “Ho hum….

  1. karen

    i hope he gets to feeling better.

    funny picture!

  2. Robin

    It’s pretty ho hum around here, too…

  3. GranGran

    Love the pic but I need MORE!!! Let me hear about the teeth. Hope bunches pop in soon. I miss you guys. Love and kisses,

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