Say Goodbye

Today I officially finished my career as a teacher.  I did enjoy giving students information (when they listened) I will miss that part along with some of the beneficial interactions I had with them.  It was sad to part ways with some wonderful co-workers who have labored hard beside me in what we somedays deemed an impossible task.  A middle school coach once told me that 7th grade football was like herding grasshoppers, I found that to be true in the classroom also.  I will not miss the behavior issues that stem from under-disciplined students, the lack of time to get all the paperwork and planning done, or the crazy parents that always seem to be lurking waiting for the worst time to strike.   So what now you ask?  Well I enter the world of oil.  Yup, I am applying that science that I taught the last few years.  Just don’t blame me when you are grumbling at the pump, I will be helping find the stuff not setting the prices.  –Dirk


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