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A funny story.

We have a couple of friends who shall remain nameless and this is their story.

 They went to a baseball game the other night with a bunch of coworkers and it was hosted by the husband’s new company. The couple was excited about this because the wife was happy to be able to meet the people she had been hearing about. They arrived early to the ballpark and decided to walk over to the new Discovery Green that is right across from the George R. Brown Convention Center.

They were walking around and discussing things that their family and friends might enjoy about the area, when the wife who was looking off into the distance at what looked like mass dance lessons, turned just in time to run smack into a pole face first. It was too perfect to be real. It clanged so loud it rang out and caught many people’s attention. Who could have planned something like that? The pole hit her square in the face and she couldnt believe what had happened. The husband turned to her and asked, “Did you do that on purpose?” The couple was so shocked and–the wife’s face hurting-laughing so hard they immediately left the area to head to the ballpark. The sustained only a minor bump on her forehead and nose which thankfully did not bruise up.

Knowing his wife’s usual style of self-deprication and utter honesty, the husband politely asked his wfe to not share this funny tidbit with his new coworkers that she would be meeting soon. She happily obliged, but I thought I would share her story here, becuase it must be told.

I hope you laughed, because I still am.





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So true.

I’ll be honest: I have not been reading blogs lately. I might check in on my friends blogs a couple times a week, but lately…I’ve been checked out. Its not that I’m so busy, but I go on stints and I use all my free time for whatever I’m into at the moment. For a while it has been reading and lately It has been projects for our new apartment(!).

Anyway, whatever the reason, I’m not on the computer a whole lot except to check my email when someone gets annoyed (*ahem) that I haven’t seen the email they sent. This afternoon I sat down to get caught up on all-or at least a few of them-the blogs on our blogroll and a few that I always enjoy perusing.

Here is a post that really caught my eye and I sadly had to agree.

I’m sure I’ll post more links on this post as I read them–Check back!


 *I’m not naming names, but if this quote sounds familiar then I’m talking about you: “Did you read the _____I sent you? No? UGH. Go check your email.”



More good links:

A good one about Lifeway Christian Bookstore(also applies to all Christian bookstores I have ever been to)

A terrifying look at the marketing of abortions.

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Ho hum….

I’m posting right now because I’m bored. What? Crazy.

Normally I would be playing with Josiah right now and trying to balance getting dinner stuff together, but instead its quiet. The good king is now past the 4 HOUR mark for his afternoon nap!!! I laid him down a little before one and it is FIVE!!  I’m guessing that his long sleep is due to a combination of a fever all day yesterday and him waking up every hour last night.

It was not a fun 24 hours.

I’m praying that we get some teeth out of his illness yesterday, so I’ll have to make a check when he wakes up.

Anyway, I just wanted to say we’re still here and doing great. I’m going to try and think really hard to come up with something interesting to say, or at least upload some pictures of Josiah for the masses.

We’ll be back soon!


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Say Goodbye

Today I officially finished my career as a teacher.  I did enjoy giving students information (when they listened) I will miss that part along with some of the beneficial interactions I had with them.  It was sad to part ways with some wonderful co-workers who have labored hard beside me in what we somedays deemed an impossible task.  A middle school coach once told me that 7th grade football was like herding grasshoppers, I found that to be true in the classroom also.  I will not miss the behavior issues that stem from under-disciplined students, the lack of time to get all the paperwork and planning done, or the crazy parents that always seem to be lurking waiting for the worst time to strike.   So what now you ask?  Well I enter the world of oil.  Yup, I am applying that science that I taught the last few years.  Just don’t blame me when you are grumbling at the pump, I will be helping find the stuff not setting the prices.  –Dirk

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