A Pain in the Eye and Birthday Pics

I had one simple goal last week, and that was to post up pictures of Josiah’s Party (six weeks ago!) and lots of other fun photos of him because honestly, thats the only reason people come here. My hopes were dashed last week when I got an ulcer/abrasion on my cornea and couldnt see–or even open my eye–for the next two days. It truly was the most painful injury I’ve received–and I’m pretty sure it was more painful than Josiah’s birth. It was awful. That was on Tuesday night, and its Monday morning and even though my eye is still dilated I can read and look at bright screens now, so I’m going to try to post up lots of pictures today while Josiah naps.

Here are the pics of Josiah’s first birthday party. We had a great time, and I would like to make special mention of the adorable invitations that Jamie designed and the sweet cupcake arrangement by Josiah’s GranGran. Enjoy!


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