I can’t tell you enough positive things about Purgatorio.  The site can make you think hard, laugh, and cry almost at the say time.  I found this site several years ago and fell in love with it, I even had the opportunity to meet Marc at T4G in 2006.  It was a good thing that he took a year off from posting, I may have been addicted.  He has been back posting for a while and I want to make sure you go and take a peek.–Dirk



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3 responses to “Purgatorio1

  1. The Littlefields

    Robin: I dont know if you’ll see this, but I cannot comment on your blog for some reason. Google says I look like a phishing source or whatever. I don’t know what that means, but now it wont even let me look at your blog. Congrats on you new mixer, and I’ll be back as soon as my computer stops being weird. –Kathy

  2. Robin

    Bad Blogger! Although it looks like everything is working for you now.

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