Funny Boy

Here are some funny things that the good king is doing lately:

  • He loves to pretend-sneeze. If you ask, he is happy to sneeze several times; if you sneeze for him, he laughs hysterically. This also works for coughing.
  • He loves fish! He calls them ‘ish’ and he gets extremely excited pointing them out. The first day of his obsession he left his book open to the picture of a fish and kept talking about it and bringing family members over to look at it. (a great way to make a toddler’s day: take them to Petsmart!)
  • When he gets frustrated about being told ‘no’ he does this funny thing where he flicks his teeth with his finger. Its his private way to cope, I guess.
  • He absolutely must drink out of a cup with a straw at every meal. He likes his sippy cup, but he really likes to have a hit from a straw too.
  • He is having a hard time figuring out why magnets don’t stick to cabinets and bath toys won’t stick to doors. It must be frustrating, but he is determined to try every surface to see if it sticks.
  • He likes to try new things like tofu! I gave him a piece from my Pei Wei take out and he was hooked! I had to hide it in my bowl or he would see it and get excited.

Every day is something new with him. His little personality is coming through strong, and its such a joy to see what he does next!


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