Josiah’s Dedication

I’m not one of those people that insist on their bedrooms being neat and tidy, and I’m not bound by any rules of chronology for my posts. So I’m posting pictures of Josiah’s dedication(3/30) instead of his party the day before(3/29), because, well, my parents emailed them to me today.

We deliberated for a long while about whether we wanted to have a dedication at our church for Josiah. We finally decided to have one at the end of last week’s service and publicly recognize Josiah’s presence and our commitment to raise him in the fear and admonition of the Lord. This was not a christening or a baptism, it was simply a public pronouncement of our goal to raise him up–with our church family–to love and fear the Lord. 




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4 responses to “Josiah’s Dedication

  1. Grommy

    Sure was a great weekend for Josiah and the family!

    We are so blessed!

  2. Grommy

    P.S. I have to have the Banner photo!
    Hint, hint…..

  3. Heather

    Great family!! I must say your hair looks great in the picture…overall very beautiful picture of you. I know you probably don’t get to hear that very often…It’s more like oh your son is so cute…which, btw, he is!!

  4. I bet this was a fun day! BTW – your hair looks spectacular!!! Anyway, I hope you are doing well and possibly we can catch up this week.

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