Josiah the smarty pants

I wasn’t kidding about posting out of order! I’m going to organize birthday party pictures as soon as I finish this post. I wanted to list all that he is doing since he is changing so much!!

He has 3 teeth, and he will have a 4th in a matter of days!
He is almost running–he has picked up the pace with his walking, but that also means that he has made a few pretty bad spills! Good thing he doesnt bruise badly like me.

He can say: shoes, dog, Chance(the dog), eyes, A, drink, more, please, all done, light, mama, dada, Mimi(my grandmother)! Mind you, you need a mother’s ear to understand a few of them, but there are definite distinctions and we are able to communicate! My sister insisted he was talking and all I had to do was listen so over the past couple weeks I had started being able to discern what he is saying and I’m amazed at all that he says! On Sunday several people heard him say Jesus and repeat it, but I’m curious if he’ll say it again.

Dirk and I slacked off with signing and I’ve been trying to hit it hard since I’ve heard and seen(with my neice) that it can save some tantrums. He has been signing much more, now that I’ve been a little more consistent with it he has really picked it up! He can now sign for light, all done, eat, please, and thank you. I’m working on fan(he is fascinated with them), more, help, change(as in diaper), yes, no.

Speaking of tantrums…Josiah has been displaying tantrums a little bit. The first I saw of it was last weekend, Josiah and Tye played together for a little while and they started fighting over a push toy–it was pretty funny to watch. I think Bethany and I were interested to see how they would work it out. Then J stopped and got on the ground and slowly and carefully tapped his head on the ground. He has done is a few times since then when he is frustrated, so I guess that is how he acts out his angst–with care. I’ve seen his level of frustration rise as he is able to explore and get where he wants, but not always where he is supposed play(the dog food bowl, the television buttons, the trash can).

Oh, and he can also tell you how old he is and what sound the coffee grinder makes. Ha!


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