Church Move!

I wanted to post about this because it’s pretty unusual. Through some providential networking the elders of our church were told about a local Romanian congregation that was looking for someone to share their building. That should get your attention! What church in America says to themselves, “you know, we just aren’t being good stewards of our building. Lets see if we can find a church that can get some use out of our building and we can both coexist.” That just doesnt happen. Well Bethesda Romanian Baptist Church in Porter, TX had that exact thought. Since a Romanian congregation is a unique thing, and the population of Romanians in the US isn’t growing as it once was, the community of believers decided they ought to find another church to share their wonderful building with. We will be having services at the same time in different parts of the building, and joyfully running into each other on our way to the bathroom. They have also given us use of their classrooms for storage and Children’s lessons. This kind of Christian love and openness is refreshing and is such a great reminder of the beauty of the body of Christ.

We are so excited and thankful for this great gift! Our church has gotten to work in updating some areas, changing out the church sign, painting the classrooms, changing out light fixtures, and planting flowers. Tomorrow is our first official Sunday worship service, and we are so very excited and thankful to worship alongside and down the hall from our Romanian brothers and sisters in Christ!

**NOTE** WordPress is acting up, so until things get fixed, I won’t be able to post any pictures of this undertaking


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  1. Wow! That is so great!!

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