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Hilarious Photos

The girl has an eye. I dont know how she does it, but she finds some hilarious things in everyday life. I can’t imagine how many things like this I miss all the time, but I’m so glad that she catches them for my-and your–viewing pleasure. Go check out her blog and make sure you see this post it made me laugh out loud!


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Funny Boy

Here are some funny things that the good king is doing lately:

  • He loves to pretend-sneeze. If you ask, he is happy to sneeze several times; if you sneeze for him, he laughs hysterically. This also works for coughing.
  • He loves fish! He calls them ‘ish’ and he gets extremely excited pointing them out. The first day of his obsession he left his book open to the picture of a fish and kept talking about it and bringing family members over to look at it. (a great way to make a toddler’s day: take them to Petsmart!)
  • When he gets frustrated about being told ‘no’ he does this funny thing where he flicks his teeth with his finger. Its his private way to cope, I guess.
  • He absolutely must drink out of a cup with a straw at every meal. He likes his sippy cup, but he really likes to have a hit from a straw too.
  • He is having a hard time figuring out why magnets don’t stick to cabinets and bath toys won’t stick to doors. It must be frustrating, but he is determined to try every surface to see if it sticks.
  • He likes to try new things like tofu! I gave him a piece from my Pei Wei take out and he was hooked! I had to hide it in my bowl or he would see it and get excited.

Every day is something new with him. His little personality is coming through strong, and its such a joy to see what he does next!

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SBC Stats

Yes I am still alive!  I just don’t post much these days, hopefully that will change this summer.  Recently it was brought to my attention here that the SBC numbers were down.  For those of you in SBC life you know that if this information gets out a lot of people’s pride is going to be hurt.  This will undoubtedly lead to huge evangelism programs that end in padded statistics…..ok maybe that is an exaggeration, most Southern Baptist don’t care.  I’m not concerned about this data, but since I am a Southern Baptist it does make for good conversation.  Dr. Finn has this great post about it.  If you aren’t a Southern Baptist it probably won’t be interesting, if you are go and read it.–Dirk


(ht: Tom Ascol)

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The Biggest Loser–Family Edition

Yesterday my sister proposed that our family compete in our version of the Biggest Loser. We all at various times have complained about a few inches we’d like to shed so she thought we should compete with each other. We’re all in. We are going 8 weeks with no pills or purging–just good old fashioned diet and exercize. We are competing as couples and will total our percentage lost to declare the winner. It should be fun.

We are going to kick it off at my sister’s birthday gathering on Saturday by weighing-in after we have had our meal and are sufficiently stuffed. That way we won’t feel bad about what we will be consuming together that day.

My tactic? Well, through some creative blog surfing I found this site  about raw diets and it really got me thinking. Is it really possible to have some much energy you can only sleep 3 or 4 hours at night? I’m so intriguied. I know that I will not be able to go to extremes because a)my family would disown me(let’s face it, I’m weird enough as it is), b) I dont think we can afford as much fresh produce as it requires even if we had our own garden, and c) I like coffee and meat too much. So I think will just try to encorporate as much fresh produce as I can into my daily diet cut my meat intake by half. I get plenty of protein anyway.  I might even start running jogging again.

Why am I posting this on a blog? Well, I know you aren’t dying to know about my weight loss competition but I do it so that I know you know. And knowing that you know will make me want to have something to show for it–just in case you ask. Its another tactic, I suppose.

I resolved a while back to not obsess anymore about my body size. And I don’t want to obsess about the scale either, but I definitely could stand to lose about 15-20lbs to be at a comfortable BMI.  So what am I going to do until Saturday? We joked about bulking up, and I definitely did my share last night with my steak dinner. I suppose I will just enjoy my meals and savor my desserts for the next few days. I’ll let you know how it goes.



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Josiah the smarty pants

I wasn’t kidding about posting out of order! I’m going to organize birthday party pictures as soon as I finish this post. I wanted to list all that he is doing since he is changing so much!!

He has 3 teeth, and he will have a 4th in a matter of days!
He is almost running–he has picked up the pace with his walking, but that also means that he has made a few pretty bad spills! Good thing he doesnt bruise badly like me.

He can say: shoes, dog, Chance(the dog), eyes, A, drink, more, please, all done, light, mama, dada, Mimi(my grandmother)! Mind you, you need a mother’s ear to understand a few of them, but there are definite distinctions and we are able to communicate! My sister insisted he was talking and all I had to do was listen so over the past couple weeks I had started being able to discern what he is saying and I’m amazed at all that he says! On Sunday several people heard him say Jesus and repeat it, but I’m curious if he’ll say it again.

Dirk and I slacked off with signing and I’ve been trying to hit it hard since I’ve heard and seen(with my neice) that it can save some tantrums. He has been signing much more, now that I’ve been a little more consistent with it he has really picked it up! He can now sign for light, all done, eat, please, and thank you. I’m working on fan(he is fascinated with them), more, help, change(as in diaper), yes, no.

Speaking of tantrums…Josiah has been displaying tantrums a little bit. The first I saw of it was last weekend, Josiah and Tye played together for a little while and they started fighting over a push toy–it was pretty funny to watch. I think Bethany and I were interested to see how they would work it out. Then J stopped and got on the ground and slowly and carefully tapped his head on the ground. He has done is a few times since then when he is frustrated, so I guess that is how he acts out his angst–with care. I’ve seen his level of frustration rise as he is able to explore and get where he wants, but not always where he is supposed play(the dog food bowl, the television buttons, the trash can).

Oh, and he can also tell you how old he is and what sound the coffee grinder makes. Ha!

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Josiah’s Dedication

I’m not one of those people that insist on their bedrooms being neat and tidy, and I’m not bound by any rules of chronology for my posts. So I’m posting pictures of Josiah’s dedication(3/30) instead of his party the day before(3/29), because, well, my parents emailed them to me today.

We deliberated for a long while about whether we wanted to have a dedication at our church for Josiah. We finally decided to have one at the end of last week’s service and publicly recognize Josiah’s presence and our commitment to raise him in the fear and admonition of the Lord. This was not a christening or a baptism, it was simply a public pronouncement of our goal to raise him up–with our church family–to love and fear the Lord. 



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Church Move!

I wanted to post about this because it’s pretty unusual. Through some providential networking the elders of our church were told about a local Romanian congregation that was looking for someone to share their building. That should get your attention! What church in America says to themselves, “you know, we just aren’t being good stewards of our building. Lets see if we can find a church that can get some use out of our building and we can both coexist.” That just doesnt happen. Well Bethesda Romanian Baptist Church in Porter, TX had that exact thought. Since a Romanian congregation is a unique thing, and the population of Romanians in the US isn’t growing as it once was, the community of believers decided they ought to find another church to share their wonderful building with. We will be having services at the same time in different parts of the building, and joyfully running into each other on our way to the bathroom. They have also given us use of their classrooms for storage and Children’s lessons. This kind of Christian love and openness is refreshing and is such a great reminder of the beauty of the body of Christ.

We are so excited and thankful for this great gift! Our church has gotten to work in updating some areas, changing out the church sign, painting the classrooms, changing out light fixtures, and planting flowers. Tomorrow is our first official Sunday worship service, and we are so very excited and thankful to worship alongside and down the hall from our Romanian brothers and sisters in Christ!

**NOTE** WordPress is acting up, so until things get fixed, I won’t be able to post any pictures of this undertaking

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