I’ll take the croup with a side of stridor, please

No, these are not fancy dishes at a gourmet restaurant, the croup is a nasty upper respiratory infection common in young children, Josiah, most notably. He was feeling slightly under the weather on Easter Sunday and around 8:30pm he woke up crying and having a terrible cough. It was more like a ‘barking seal’ cough, and wheezing. It sounded like he was having a really hard time breathing, so Dirk (he always seems to know just what to do)started the hot water in the shower so that Josiah could inhale some steam–an old school trick. I immediately called his doctor’s office and spoke to a nurse who told us to keep him in the steam for another 20 minutes and she would call back to see how he was doing.

Well, he calmed down–and so did I–but when the nurse called back and listened to him breathe she didnt like that she could still hear him wheezing. The doctor was then paged and he said that Josiah sounded like he was in distress. I assured him that Josiah was happy and playing, but since he wasn’t panicking and he was still wheezing he said it sounded like stridor. He told me that we needed to immediately take him to Texas Children’s Hospital emergency room to be checked out. He said since he is displaying stridor that he needed to be seen and could possibly be kept overnight. That statement really scared me so we packed up a bunch of supplies for the long night and headed downtown.

When we arrived at the emergency room, I walked up and filled out a short triage form. I guess ‘possible stridor’ gets people moving because we didnt even have time to fill out our registration form before they called us back to take Josiah’s vitals and give him an oral steroid. We were then sent out to wait in the main waiting room–we barely had time to change Josiah’s diaper before we were called back to our room.

He was given a breathing treatment(which he loved, by the way) and he was pretty upset for a while after that. Once he calmed down we were told that we would be there for about 2-3 more hours to see if the stridor went away. This was around 11pm, and Josiah hadn’t slept but an hour since 3 that afternoon so he was extremely tired–delerious is a better word. We tried several times to get him to take a nap, but there was too much going on and I finally gave up and let him play in his bed.

We noticed around 12:30am that the wheezing had disappeared from his breathing(the steroid took that long to kick in) and he passed out in my arms around 1:00am. I was holding him when the doctor came in to decide if he was ok to go, or if he needed another breathing treatment(which meant he would have to stay overnight). We were finally discharged around 2:30am, and Josiah was fast asleep. The Lord was so good to us–we were seen quickly by able professionals and he kept us calm while we waited and were treated.

Dirk and I were exhausted but Josiah woke up at 7:45 ready for breakfast. After that, though, the late night caught up with him and he took about 4 naps. He also started having some pretty harsh cold/allergy/teething symptoms all this week, and started walking, so its been a busy week for him. He needs to heal up soon because Josiah’s First birthday party is this weekend!!



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3 responses to “I’ll take the croup with a side of stridor, please

  1. Wow. Sounds almost as exciting as our last 5 days. I’m glad that they figured out what was wrong with Josiah and was able to get him better.
    Jon went into the hospital on Saturday night and we were there until Monday afternoon. (You can see that part on our blog.) The procedure didn’t stick though, and we came back to the hospital Monday night/Tuesday morning and will be here at least until tomorrow afternoon, but possibly until Friday. The good news is that they have probably figured out the main problem, so we can work on getting him better.
    Have fun with the birthday party! I can’t believe it’s already been a year! I expect to see pictures of the party afterward.

  2. John

    I am so glad he got better so quickly. what a blessing (and scary experience). I hope you have a great 1st birthday party with Josiah! Tell him we said “Happy Birthday!”

  3. Robin

    I’m glad things turned out alright, and have fun at the party!

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