I’m tired of apologizing for not posting.* I know you either have given up on this blog, or check it so irregularly that you are surprised its not shut down already for lack of updates.

I’ve decided the only way to fix this and blog more regularly is to post up short tidbits a few times a week instead of wating 3 or 4 weeks and getting overwhelmed with all that I want to say. 

 So here’s to a new approach. I hope it works!

*Dirk is exempt from being responsible for regualr posts as he has plenty on his plate to keep him busy like 2 20-page papers he is supposed to be working on this Spring Break. Ahem…



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3 responses to “UGH.

  1. Some of us just subscribe to the RSS feed and so we read when you do update, and don’t read when you don’t- because it just pops up (or doesn’t). It’s very helpful. =) When does Dirk graduate?

  2. The Littlefields

    Well I figure that those who subscribe have forgotten we exist, because its been so long.

    Well, he has about 50 hours to go–that could be 3 semesters or 3 years–who knows!

  3. I’ll let you know that I still come by just about every day. I have a list of about 20 people’s blogs that I go to every day and yours is one of them. I’m glad to hear your going to try to update more, but I’ll still be here every day whether you do or not.

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