Question Mark

I had to put this up because 1) I saw it on Jamie’s blog, and 2) it reminded me that my sister sent this quiz out last week and for about 20 minutes several members of my family were asking what each other was “are you a comma or a colon? I’m a semicolon, and she’s a dash” so I had to put it up for fun.

You Are a Question Mark

You seek knowledge and insight in every form possible. You love learning.And while you know a lot, you don’t act like a know it all. You’re open to learning you’re wrong.You ask a lot of questions, collect a lot of data, and always dig deep to find out more.

You’re naturally curious and inquisitive. You jump to ask a question when the opportunity arises.

Your friends see you as interesting, insightful, and thought provoking.

(But they’re not always up for the intense inquisitions that you love!)

You excel in: Higher education

You get along best with: The Comma

I thought this was pretty accurate for me. I have yet to meet a comma.* I’m pretty sure Dirk is a dash.
What are you?
 UPDATE: My best friend in high school is actually a comma. Go figure!


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7 responses to “Question Mark

  1. Jamie

    That is SO you! I’m a colon but I only found parts of it to be accurate–hense the red letter edition I felt the need to create.

  2. I’m an exclamation mark …I don’t see that at all! Interestingly enough it says I would get along best with a Dash.

  3. Robin

    I’m a colon, too, which is obvious since I am so “brilliant and incredibly learned.”

    So where are all my semi-colon friends? I get along best with them.

  4. Jamie

    ugh! i was typing way too late–I know how to spell “hence” –see?

  5. Bethany

    Hey Kathy,

    You met your match…I am a comma.


  6. I am a question mark – two peas in a pod!!!

  7. This was fun! I am a colon, which is pretty accurate, but I’m not sure about the “brilliant and incredibly learned” part! I’ll have to ask Scott to do it later…

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